Project Pass

Project Pass is a partnership with Youngstown State University. Education majors come into the building 2-3 days a week to tutor students in reading literacy during breakfast and lunch/recess.

Project PASS Objectives:

  • To improve overall reading ability for Youngstown City School (YCS) 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders through small group tutoring and reading interventions implemented by Youngstown State University (YSU) students.

  • To utilize YSU Students as facilitators of reading interventions for YCS students to aide in the passage of the standardize assessments and the 3rd grade reading guarantee in relationship to the PARCC.

  • YSU students successfully act as a scaffold to bridge YSC students from prior knowledge to future learning.

  • Maintain a successful mutually beneficial partnership that unites Youngstown State University with Youngstown City Schools for the betterment of the YCS students as well as, teaching successful strategies to YSU teacher candidates.

  • See long-term effects of the learning communities uniting, ultimately creating better readers, higher 3rd grade scores, more confident and proficient YSU students, fostering a relationship with YCS teachers, principals and students to benefit The University and overall community.

Yongstown State University