Young Women's Mentorship Program

The Young Women's Mentorship Program is sponsored by the United Way of Youngstown and Mahoning Valley. The purpose of the program is to connect young females with a positive female role model. The role models address social and emotional issues and concerns for adolescent girls. This program helps prepare the young students for academic success and leadership roles in their schools and community.

Program Required Documents:
-Family permission letter
-Mentee and Family contract
-Mentor Match agreement

How do students become enrolled in the program? 
Our guidance counselor, Stacy Armstrong, looks over student report cards, any social/emotional concerns, attendance and tardiness issues, and relies on conversations with the teachers to see if a student qualifies to join the program.

How are mentors assigned?
Mentors are assigned at a school after they have been cleared through security measures (FBI/BCI checks). Mentors meet at the school on a weekly basis, in addition to field trips outside of school hours. It is important for mentors to be consistent with their visits in order to have a successful mentoring relationship. All mentors must be a role for all students, and should be a source of friendship and encouragement.

Monthly Themes:
October - self awareness
November - healthy relationships
December - self expression...the arts
January and February - planning for the future
March and April - health and wellness
May - celebration month

  • Preschool