Staff Directory

Meet our 2018-2019 staff! Please click on a staff member's name to go to their grade level page.
Grade Teacher's Name Email
 pK Shari Zackasee 
 pK Andrea Seguin 
 pK Erika Laudermilt 
 K  Sue Kendall 
 K Mary Kay Colacino
 1 Danielle Taylor 
 1 Nicole Angermeier
 2  Ann Milkovich
 2  Jennifer Bednarik
Mary Cook 
 3 Karla Hoffman 
 4 Jennifer Felt 
Miranda Foster 
Kathy McGee 
K-4  MD Nancy Rocco 
 5 Diana Vrabel 
 5  Mark Casey 
 6 Math  Jane Haggerty 
 6-8 Social Studies Joseph DiMuccio 
 6-8 Science  Kimberly Wheatley 
 6-8 English Melissa Mowery 
 7/8 Math Evelyn Jones 
SPED  Beverly Nissel 
 SPED Heather Wilcox 
 SPED Michelle Elias 
 SPED Carrie Roller 
Art  Alicia Mason 
Music  Paul McConnell 
Foreign Language  Jane Haggerty
Evelyn Jones 
Gym  Latisha Tucker 
 Speech + Language Janine Tucory 
 English Language  Amy Gordijew 

  • Preschool