Principal Jennifer Damico

I would like to welcome every Golden Bear Cub to Taft Elementary.  Over the summer our teachers, staff and principals have been working hard to get things ready for you!  We could not be more excited to see you return. 

I am proud to be the principal of Taft Elementary.   It is truly an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to be your principal.  As we move throughout the school please do not be a stranger.  I am a firm believe that every student, parent and/or guardian is part of the family and I will do everything I can to meet the needs of our community.   I have always told my students, “Once you are my student you will always be my student.”  This is one of my core beliefs and I hold it close to my heart.  This year we are working to “Create and Sustain a Relentless Culture of Supporting Every Child”.   Part of achieving this goal is ensuring we create a culture of achievement, a culture of achievement is something that cannot exist at school alone, and we need your help.  My philosophy aligns with the belief that “It takes a village to raise a child”.  It will take our community to raise strong Golden Bear Cubs.  Please feel free to come in and offer to volunteer, attend events and reach out to our teachers and principals.   

This being said it is essential to know my “Why?” before my “How?”  Knowing your “Why” in life helps you ensure you are successful in reaching your goals.  That being said I want to make sure I share my “why” with you.

As principal of Taft Elementary School, I will commit myself to working with our learning community to lead our building by focusing on and ensuring what we do is in the best interest of our children in order to transform Taft Elementary School into an institution of academic, social and emotional achievement, success and community involvement.

If you need anything or have any questions or concerns please feel to contact me directly at 330-744-2675.

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